May 09, 2012

3 on Thursday - Secret Single Behaviors

It's time for another fun round of 3 on Thursday!  Thank you all you lovelies that play along with Andrea and I.  We both fuzzy pink heart you! :-)  You're all Sex and The City fans, right?  Do you remember the episode where they talk about their secret single behaviors?  That's our topic this week! Andrea is a genius for picking this one, if I do say so myself! Be sure to drop by and read her answers too.  She's pretty awesome and I'm guessing - will have a few gems to share.
This week's question:
Share three secret single behaviors (Remember the SATC episode? Things you do you wouldn't want a man to see you doing)!

3 on Thursday

Sometimes, I only take the laundry out of the dryer that I immediately need.  Then, I wait a few days and fold up the sheets, towels, etc.  I know it sounds so lazy...but if I need jeans and a sweater at 7 AM, I usually don't have the time or the desire to fold the rest of the load.

I eat completely random stuff for meals more often than I'd like to admit.  A spoonful of Nutella while I wait for my coffee to come steaming out of the Keurig, only a banana and Special K cracker chips for dinner, trail mix as a snack at 2 AM.  In my defense - I'm single and live alone.  Making a big meal for one person is way more trouble than it's worth sometimes. Oh, and I went without a working kitchen sink for three months.

3. I rarely close the bathroom door.  My two little shadows {aka Meadow and Beckett}get REALLY angry if I try to close them out.  Last weekend, I closed the door {accidentally} before I got in the shower.  Two minutes of screeching - and Beckett was able to not only pop the door, but leaped into the shower with me too.

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  1. Haha, I'm with you on the laundry one! Happens ALL the time. My other two would be:
    I read gossip magazines while laying upside down on the couch. Weird, but I've done it since I was ten.
    Dipping McDonalds french fries into an ice cream cone
    Nola's Moma

  2. Oh yeah, the joys of peeing with 3 animals watching you! I know that feeling all too well. The doors in our house do not get closed unless we want to deal with scratching and whining to be let in. Even the cat does it! :)

  3. I usually always pee with the door open.
    My house, who cares no one is there.

  4. I do the same thing with the bathroom door! lol


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