May 02, 2012

March For Babies

You may not remember this (in fact, I'd be surprised if you did!), but in October one of my amazing friends delivered her little girl early.  VERY EARLY.  Little Miss Olivia arrived about 10 weeks early by my count. I know a few of my sweet readers have delivered their babes early too.  Just imagine the 3-5 weeks early that your kiddo came and magnify it!
Well, that little peanut has not only survived, but thrived!  She got to go home just after Christmas and is a truly a little Wonder Woman! 

On June 24th, our team - Olivia' Wonder Women, will be taking part in the March of Dimes March for Babies.  We could really use your help in raising both funds and awareness!


Every day, thousands of babies are born too soon, too small and often very sick. Modern medicine can do a great deal for babies born well before their due dates, but more research is needed. Research, trials and training for new medicines, technology and equipment is greatly needed, and making a donation to The March of Dimes supports this need.

Our team has first hand knowledge of how hard it can be for babies born too early and their families. Many babies survive, but some do not. We are walking in the March for Babies because we want to do something about this. And your help is needed.

Please support this walk. Making a secure donation is easy.  Thank you for helping us give all babies a healthy start!

The mission of March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

    Funds raised in March for Babies support research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And they will be used to bring comfort and information to families with a baby in newborn intensive care.

Really, how can you look at Olivia and not want to help?  If you do opt to contribute, please click here for my personal page.


  1. Ah, dis do be very personal to us cuz My Girl was 6 weeks early. And my mum's cuzzin's furiend delivered a 1.6 pound baby.
    We support March of Dimes throughout da year.
    Thank dog, little Olivia came through and thrived.


  2. I plan on doing the March next year!


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