May 16, 2012

3 on Thursday - Comfort Foods

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3 on Thursday

This week's question:
What are your 3 favorite comfort foods?
Mac and cheese.  Not just anybody's mac and cheese - MY version.  I do it up with a real thick bechamel sauce followed by 45 minutes of baking that culminates in a panko & parm crust.  It is NOT waistline friendly...but I have a good list of people who ask for me to make them this recipe - including my mom! (aka the best cook I know!)

Mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Sure, I could probably survive with the store brand.  But I don't eat much of this I tend to keep a few of the "good stuff" stockpiled in the freezer.  My favorites are Haagen Daaz and Ben & Jerry's.

Pineapple chunks.  Seriously...who has fruit as their comfort food?  Apparently, I do!  But it's only pineapple!  Give me an apple or orange when I'm sad, cranky or upset - and it's getting thrown back at you.  :-)

I want to know what your comfort foods are too!


  1. Mine are:
    This Italian soup made with bread my dad makes for me (it is SO good). I know the name but I'd slaughter the spelling :)
    Watermelon with A LOT of salt
    Homemade chocolate chip cookie dough. Oatmeal cookies aren't bad either ;)
    Nola's Mom

  2. I think m-n-ch is on everybodies list :) Ice cream is good too!


  3. Your mac & cheese looks SO stinking delicious! Do you share the recipe, or is it top secret ;)

  4. Fruit as a comfort food does seem a little different - but more power to you! I love mint chocolate chip ice cream too! But I'd have to say I'd choose the Dreyer's Thin Mint ice cream over regular mint chocolate chip!

  5. mint chocolate chip is my fave too! when i go to baskin robbins, i get a scoop of it and one of cookies and cream!

  6. I absolutely love Mac and cheese as well. Your recipe sounds delish! I'm a fan of any homemade but no Kraft!

  7. Mac and Cheese is my everything food....hands down, best meal anytime.

  8. Mac and cheese is totally one of my comfort foods too. Also for some reason french fries are also on my list.


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