November 14, 2011

2 on Tuesday - Pet Peeves

Howdy!!!  I'm linking up with the super Andrea again for 2 on Tuesday.  This week, she's asking:
What are your two pet peeves?

2 on Tuesday

That's an easy one...I think!

1. Rude people.  You know the type of people that I'm talking about.  They ask you a question, then talk over you.  They forget you exist until they need something from you.  They wear an oppressive amount of perfume, then wonder why you're wheezing....  I like to believe that I'm considerate of others as much as humanly possible.  Is it bad to hope others would act the same way?!

2. Bad drivers.  Accidents happen.  It's part of life... But if you're getting in an accident so often that your Insurance Agent asks "What did you do this time?", chances are, it's not that the curb jumped out and bit your're a BAD driver!  So use your turn signal, obey the traffic laws (at least, most of them) and hopefully keep from paying an accident deductible so often!

Drop by and share your pet peeves with the group!


  1. Ignorance and racism at my job. Grrr...

  2. HA! Stop by and see my #2. Crazy drivers! UGH!

  3. 1) Slow drivers that will not move out of the FAST lane.

    2) People who always talk about how busy they are like no one else could possibly have things to do.

  4. haha! i like this post! hmmmm pet peeves.... oh i have more than two, but let's go with incessant pen-clicking-- i hate that noise! especially when I am trying to read. And dramatic tweets- i piss myself off sometimes... the worst ive seen is "I think I am going to have to step away from twitter/blogging bc everyone is so mean"-- like okay? unfollow the mean people, duh!

  5. OH yes Cole.. I do love all of your points. Have a great day..

  6. And the scariest part of bad drivers is that they could hurt you!! And I feel like people are getting ruder and ruder these days

  7. Now that you mention it bad drives are so a pet peeve of mine ... good thing we only have to list 2 pet peeves my entry could have been real long!

  8. I agree with both!! Rude people are especially horrible!

  9. i hate rude people as well. people who cut into lines and then just act oblivious drive me insane. i'm the rude person then! :)


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