November 21, 2011

2 on Tuesday - A Thankful Blogger

I have a whole post ready for Thanksgiving morning of things that I'm thankful for.  But, I love Andrea, and I think that being thankful for blogging is totally worth a post all its own.  :-)

2 on Tuesday

Her question this week is: Why are you thankful for blogging?

For me, this is both an easy and a hard question.  I'm so thankful for blogging because I've found a whole bunch of people that I can relate to.  Lovely ladies from across the country and internationally.  Sweethearts who are new moms, fur-moms, proud aunts or maybe grandmas.  Amazing and joyful people who are SAHMs, doctors, lawyers, teachers or stuck in an office all day. People that supported me through my brother's deployment, through buying my house & through leaving my job.  You all made it ok to admit that sometimes, It's not OK; that you got royally screwed over; that taking a few minutes to let out the tears doesn't make you weak. That sounds simple right?

Well, the question is hard for me because it's difficult to quantify the value of this!!  You just can't put a value on the friendship and support you've received. 

For a while, I wanted to tell the "outside world" about my blog.  But, ultimately, I decided against it.  Non-bloggers just don't understand how close you can get to other bloggers.  I LURVE YOU ALL!!!  I'm not hiding my blog.  I've let a close circle of friends know that it exists, where it is, and encouraged them to blog as well.  However, I just can't put up a status update on FB when I've made a blog post.  Some of the things I share here just aren't for general consumption.  I'm a pretty private person...  I don't need a guy that I liked in 7th grade knowing what health problems my parent's are having, the drunk dialing incident of late or many other things that I freely share with you all.  Quite frankly - I trust all of you with my thoughts and feelings.  Knowing that you'll encourage me rather than leave a nasty comment or get snarky.

So, that's why I'm thankful for blogging.  YOU!!!!  Each and every one of you!  I hope I can support each of you the way you've supported me.


  1. I'm thankful for our bloggy / twitter friendship! :-

  2. Yes! I'm thankful that you blog and share your wondering puppy pictures and recipes with us :)

  3. sweet post.. I am with you on the FB thing... You were my first swap friend...

  4. Lurve you too darling! I don't post on FB either, but I have friends who know I enjoy blogging.... For a long time no one did though, so I like that it's not really a secret anymore. :-) xoxo

  5. First time visiting from 2onTues! Love this's so true!!!

  6. This is such a sweet post! I love ya right back and I'm so glad we became friends through the blog world! :)

  7. I love you too! So glad you are my blog & twitter friend! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  8. Sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake by making my blog so public. There are definitely things I don't write about because I know exactly who is going to read it.

    But I'm thankful for blogging and the friendships it has brought and the joys and the sharing of sorrows. It's a beautiful thing!

  9. Great post!
    I so agree on the last point. I don't like people from FB or acquaintances knowing all my biz even if I am telling it to strangers.


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