November 10, 2011

Initials Inc. Product Review and PARTY!!!

I met Sonya a while back through Twitter.  Recently, she started as an Independent Consultant for Initials Inc.  When she tweeted about it - I was immediately intrigued.  A few clicks online and I wanted everything in sight!!!  So when Sonya gave me the opportunity to do a product review, I jumped right on it! With Christmas right around the corner - Sonya and I thought it was a great time for an online party too!

She gave me a great list of things to choose from, and ultimately I got SQUARED AWAY (in Vinings) with pink embroidery.  It's "me", don't you think?!  I'm sure it's no surprise to you - but I use it to organize knitting projects that I'm working on.  So much prettier than the plastic bag I was using.  :-)
There are so many amazing things at Initials Inc.! Shipping is fast!  My favorite part of Initials Inc is that almost everything can be personalized...and personalization is FREE!!!! You heard that right - free.  Not only that, but you have multiple fonts and thread colors to choose from.  I can't be alone in embracing the Preppy - Southern - highly organized desire to have things monogrammed.  Right?!

Every have the problem where you and a few of your besties come to the same party with the same shopping/tote bag?  Get the STORY TIME tote personalized, and you'll never have the problem again.

Better yet, get THE DISH and not only will your food arrive to parties still the right temperature - it will arrive with style.

Trying to get your kiddos to put their laundry in the hamper?  Having one with their name on a BIG BIN might be just the motivation they need!

Trying to keep your mail and coupons sorted? I'm a big fan of the MARVELOUS MAGNETIC POCKET.  Pop it on the fridge and you're ready for your next trip to the store!

I really hope that you'll take a few minutes to peruse Sonya's site and possible order a few holiday gifts. :-) Go to Sonya’s Initials Inc. page, and click on “Shop” or “My Events”. Then simply click on “Shop Now” and shop to your heart's content! When you check out, keep in mind that the items will be sent directly to your front door, so enter your shipping address (and phone number for any order issues) accordingly.

There's also a great Customer Shoportunity in November!  Spend $35 and get one of their CINCH DUFFLES for $16.50 - That's 50% off!!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Sonya at  Have fun shopping!


  1. I remember when Sonya started up the business and I was really intrigued. I haven't had a chance to by anything yet but I'm hoping that changes soon!

  2. This stuff looks great! I think I see some Christmas shopping here!

  3. Very cute!
    I love monogrammed stuff!


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