November 13, 2011

They Should Just Hire Me!!

The local hospital, that is! 

I've been spending quite a bit of time there in the past year or so (mom's cancer surgeries & chemo; her knee replacement; dad's knee replacement; a few friends having babies; assorted grandma-related ailments).

And...I've spent my weekend there.  Here's the short version of the backstory:
Dad got hurt at work on Halloween morning.  As a result of the injury, his right arm from shoulder blade to fingertips was numb.  About a week ago, something happened and his right hand swelled up.  Wednesday his PCP said that if the swelling didn't go down by Friday, he had to go to the hospital.  You know where this is going, right?!

So, he's been in the hospital since Friday and like a good daughter I've pretty much spent my weekend up there too.  Fingers crossed - they'll spring him Tuesday.

And...I got to meet my friend's baby on Thursday!  Sweet little Olivia is about two months early, but doing absolutely wonderful in the NICU.  :-) Isn't she beautiful?!?!

Olivia M. D.
November 5th
2 lbs, 15 oz.
15 1/2 inches


  1. Hope that resident reappears pretty soon!

  2. how precious is she! love her name! hope you wont' have to visit the hospital that often soon!

  3. Oh, sweet prayers to the family and Miss Olivia. Sweet blessings like to arrive on their own schedule :)

  4. Awww hope everyone is doing good now.

  5. They really should give you reserved parking or something, as you're there so much. I'm hoping your dad gets better soon and 2012 lets you see fewer days in the hospital!

  6. I hope your dad recovers soon! And lots of prayers for that precious baby and her family, she's beautiful!

  7. Praying for a speedy recovery for your Dad and for little precious Olivia! : )


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