November 05, 2011

Baby Boom!

Holy baby boom lately!  I know at least a half dozen lovely bloggy friends who are currently expecting!  And about the same number of friends/family outside the bloggy-hemisphere.

In the past week, we've welcomed two need little ones to the world!

I proudly announce the arrival of Kamdem Wacey B.  He's my cousin Desi and her hubby, Tony's first little one.  :-)

October 30th
8 lb., 4 oz.
19 inches

And... one of my besties, Heather welcomed her second little one early this morning.  Until I get her OK, I won't share name or picture.  But I will ask you to keep the sweet baby girl in your thoughts.  She's about 2 months early, but from what I hear doing just great!!


  1. Prayers out to that little one, that she will soon join her parents at home.

  2. I know what you mean! It seems like I know so many people expecting. It's something in the water!

  3. Def boom going on. I feel like I can't check facebook again until I have an annoucment to make of my own!!

  4. Prayers got out to the new babes, how adorable!

  5. Precious! I've got my first batch of friends with babies on the way. Stocking up on cute gifts and hitting some sales! :-) Congrats!!!

  6. There does seem to be a baby boom going on!

  7. At last count, I knew 18 people that were expecting. I think it's more like 23 now. I'm glad they aren't all close friends because I could never afford the gifts!


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