March 12, 2009

And it only took an act of Congress...

Ha, not really... but that's what it feels like in order to take vacation time! I admit that I'm a workaholic. It's so bad that when I announce that I'm taking a few days off - the first reaction of people is "what's wrong?".

Last year was an all-time low. I "gave back" a week of vacation to my company - so in addition to all the extra hours I work for free; I essentially paid them for my attendance too!

My New Year's resolution was to work less. Unfortunately - I don't think that I've made any headway on achieving that.

However, I am off today (and tomorrow!); and it feels GREAT!! I went out to lunch with my cousin Kirstren then ran a bunch of errands. Sure, it sounds kind of mundane... but Kirstren is a blast to hang with! Plus being out in daylight on a weekday is a foreign and exciting concept to me. JC needs tons of stuff, so all this afternoon's errands focused on what I can pack up and ship back to him. Hopefully, I can time it right and have the packages arrive the day after he settles back into his FOB.

That's all... Now I'm off to walk the puppers around the block. :-)


  1. Stopping by via SITS, have a great time with your days off. We have two mini dachshunds - one long hair and one short - LOVE them!! Well I think they may have outgrown mini-status, but that's what the papers claim. Have a great weekend!

  2. Over from SITS. We used to have a short hair dachshund - he was the light of our life... until the Indians came along.
    So glad you got some time off - it does a girl good!

  3. Found you through SITS. We are military, too! Good for you for getting some time off :) That is so important!

  4. A day off to run errands doesn't sound mundane at all. It sounds heavenly! Enjoy your time off!


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