March 20, 2009

All Things Vampire Related

I think that I might be addicted to vampires...and I'm beginning to wonder if they have 12-step program for it. In my mind a meeting for it would go a little like this:

Me: Hi. My name is Cole, and I'm addicted to Vampires.
Group: Welcome, Cole.
Me: It's been 2 weeks since I last read the Twilight series.
Group: *Round of applause*
Me: I'm feeling the pressure; Twilight is available on DVD in just 2 hours. I've already ordered it online from Barnes & Noble...but I think that I might need to go wait in line for an emergency copy from BestBuy.
Group: You really need two copies?
Me: No, not really... but maybe, just maybe the extra copy could be part of my first give away?!?!
Group: Oh, that's a different story. To the cars's a late night field trip!!

Yes, I know that I'm delusional. :-) It's not just Twilight though... For years, I've had an affinity for Anne Rice novels. Plus CBS made me ecstatically happy last year when they aired (the short lived series) Moonlight. Really, Alex O'Loughlin makes one HOT vampire!

Am I alone on my affinity for Twilight (both books and DVD)? I think that the hopeless romantic part of me likes that there's the possibility of FOREVER with someone you love.

What do you think? Could you deal with your hubby FOREVER? Or maybe just a good hundred years?!?!


  1. I hear you! If you like vampire fiction, you might want to check out mary janice davidson or charlaine harris. they've been tiding me over since I finished twilight.

  2. Hello.. Your puppy sent! I saw his or her pic and had to come visit! I have a 1 year old red hotdog and she is my baby. I haven't seen Twilight yet and I am soooo looking forward to watching it. I bet I'll be a vampire addict after I see it too. So many people have gone crazy over this movie and book.
    By the way... I signed your follower list. I See you are friends with Andreigh.. my girl! Come by and visit and sign mine if you like! Nice meeting you!
    Jill :0)

  3. I LOVE the series! Almost finished book 2... D and I went and bought the movie Sat. -- I'm tempted to just stick with the books... they are so much more detailed!

    Your "group setting" made me LOL

  4. Hey Cole

    I put you on my blog list so I can come back and visit often. :)
    Come back and sign my followers list if you want to follow me too!

  5. :) Hi! Sorry I have yet to have commented on your blog!

    You are not alone. I gobbled up those books like there was no tomorrow, and can't wait to see the movie! Anne Rice is a little creepy, but I've recently started a new series by Charlaine Harris, and they are pretty entertaining so far.

    EE Knight also has a series called Vampire Earth, which really isn't about true vampires, but things that are similar to them...ish. Anyhow, it is quite a good story line two and I have yet to go buy book 6...or is it 7??


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