March 19, 2009

But I want a pretty blog too!

When I started this blog, I made a deal with myself... I either need to get 25 followers or hit my 100th post before I can indulge my desire to get someone to design me a pretty blog background.

I wish I had the talent to do it myself...and while I have MANY talents; HTML code isn't one of them.

So, as I sit here and try to renegotiate with myself (while I'm generally a patient person, there are some things I just, NOW)- I want to know who you had design your blogs. Really! Some of you have totally kick-ass blog backgrounds!! :-)

Please, please (and thank you!) share with me.



  2. I started with a free background, then paid for one (80 bucks! Ack!), then got Photoshop for Christmas. It will be just like your Twilight addiction. This is the first step :)

  3. my first layout was by blogolicious designs, and now it's by danielle. her button in on my sidebar. it's expensive but I found my traffic really went up once I redid my blog from the traditional blogger layout.

  4. I use The Cutest Blog on the Block and I love them! They have such cute stuff and they make it really easy to change them.


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