March 10, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

Unlike most of my friends - I am not a reality TV junkie. I'm probably weird... but I just consider most of it too fake. With that said - I AM SO HAPPY that Dancing with the Stars is back!

There was drama building up to the season premiere (two dancers out before the season even kicked off!) and our fair share of both funny and awkward moments last night. I'll be a good girl and won't critique everyone (YET!!), but do need to share my highlights and low lights of the night...

+ Little Kim and Derek Hough kicked off the season with a respectable dance.
- Little Kim dedicated her first dance to all the ladies in Federal Detention Centers!! (funny... but still a low light)
+ Steve- O celebrated his one year sober by joining Dancing with the Stars.
- Carrie Ann announces that she's mesmerized by his beauty and awkwardness. (WHAT?!?!)
+Gilles (best known as the naked shower guy in the Sex and The City movie) does a great dance.
-Gilles has an awkward backstage chat w/Samantha Harris over hardness of certain things. (I almost choked on my iced tea during that little exchange.)
+Melissa (the recently dumped fiance of this season's The Bachelor) did an amazing job with only two days of practice.

That's all folks! Did you watch? Who do you think has the goods to make it through and win the mirror ball trophy?

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