March 24, 2009

The Good-Bye Girl

Being a military family, it means that saying "good-bye" is a common occurrence. While JC is the one I focus on...he is far from being the only member of my family currently serving across various branches (um, everything but the Coast Guard) of the military.

From experience I know that each of these people have just ONE person that they have to say good-bye to last. For JC - that person is me. Don't get me wrong... he LOVES our parents, and has some lifelong friends that are hard to leave. But for some reason, I'm the one that get the honor of being the last to let go.

This morning I brought JC back to the airport and he starts the long journey back to Afghanistan. I can't explain it, but it was harder watching him leave this time than when all my guys left in December. On the bright side - I know the guys he's going back to. I love them; they're great. They truly are family to me.

While I wait for them all to come home... I could sure use a hug!


  1. Thanks for stopping by Unwrap Life! Thought I'd swing over and return the favor.
    I was a military brat my entire life and I well remember saying goodbye to my Daddy and knowing he was headed off to the desert. It never, ever gets easier.
    Big hugs and happy thoughts headed your way today and in the weeks to come. And prayers for JC too.

  2. HUGS! I can't imagine how hard that must be. Thinking of you and JC...


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