March 09, 2009


You heard it right... JC is home! I wasn't expecting him for another few days, but he wandered right into the house yesterday afternoon. It was quite the surprise!! And I'm hard to surprise, let me tell you.... I'm usually the girl that's "in the know".

I am SO excited about the next few weeks, and wish I could take more vacation time! Right now, I'm planning on Thursday and Friday this week and next week. We have tons of stuff planned while he's home! In theory - we have a trip to Wally World, a casino trip, a tattoo excursion, a few family get togethers, and other randomness. Who knows if we'll get it all done... but it's a goal. :-)

JC did an amazing job of taking pictures the last few months and it was great seeing pictures of where they are staying, the trucks they are driving - and most importantly, the rest of the guys! I miss my guys; not as much (of course) as JC, but I've grown fond of a few of them and seeing that they are looking good means a lot.

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  1. i tried to leave a comment on here earlier but something strange is going on with blogger. i wanted to comment on your random gifts posts - what a great friend!


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