March 17, 2009

DWTS - Week 2

Another night of ups and downs on DWTS, including some REALLY good dances for this early in the season. Below are my high (and low) lights.

- Holly gets dragged around like a rag doll by Dmitry.
+ Denise does a good quick step. Much improved from last week!
- Belinda was BAD. Poor thing tried, but looked very stiff and uncomfortable.
+ Ty's dance looked more like a dance this week; and less like an Army maneuver.
- Steve Wozniak's dance him compared to Wall-E.
- Steve-O is hurt and we see a tape of his dress rehersal.
+ Little Kim rocked out her dance. She was good last week, and even better this week without any references to her jail time!
+ Melissa did an amazing dance too!
- The costume department needs to not dress Melissa and Tony like they come from the Amazon!
+ Gilles was by far the best of the male celebrities. He did AWESOME!

Did you watch? I think one of the Steves is leaving tonight. What do you think?

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  1. I think everyone improved. Poor Holly... she just has no rhythm. Steve will be the next to go.

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