March 14, 2009

I'm hyper-organized...and a few updates

I'm one of those people... either you are exactly like me or it's likely that you've come to despise someone like me. Yep, I'm one of those really organized people. I always have a notepad in my purse and more often than not - color coded post-it notes too.

I was delusional in thinking that everyone was like this! That was, until I went out with friends one night and someone asked for a receipt/scrap paper to write down the title of a book we were talking about. Since then I've realized that my desire to be organized probably falls outside what is considered normal.... But in my defense, there's a lot on my plate! I don't want to forget all the stuff I need - dog food/more yarn/a birthday present for a friend. :-)

Are you really organized too? And if so, how do you manage it? Post-its, notebooks, BlackBerry, Palm Pilot?

Just in case you've read a few of my past posts, I've decided to give a smattering of updates.
  • My poor car took just over $500 to fix, and had both a loose part in the steering column & a bad O2 sensor too.
  • Ellie LOVED her presents! She called me at work when they arrived and told me that I made her cry! Not my desired response, but I'm glad that they were at least happy tears. Dee enjoyed her presents as well. Her son hijacked the M&M screen cleaner (but in his defense - it does look like a stuffed animal) to add to his toy collection.
  • JC goes back to Afghanistan in about a week and I'm already getting stressy about it.
  • Both of JC's friends that OD'd a few weeks ago are still in hospital... no news is good news, right?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :-)


  1. i wish I was organized. i want to be, but I'm lazy. i do have a PDA that I use, but I feel like things sometimes fall through the cracks with it.

  2. I'm probably THE most disorganized person on this planet. I lose the notes I write to remember to do things or where things are located! LOL!


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