March 26, 2009

Notes From Beckett's Crate

Hi, I'm Beckett and my momma has already posted some cute pictures of me.

Poor momma is on the verge of hysterical laughter/crying as she copes with trying to find money at work (oh, and that one of her Ops staff has gone out on emergency medical leave starting TODAY), so I'm writing today's post for her.

While she toils away at work (poor sucker...or, um... momma), I have a big day planned. Carmella is going to break me and Meadow out of our crate. We already have a scheme on how to get our little butts over the baby gates and into the living room to watch us some Animal Planet!! We DVR'd the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, so that's on the agenda too. Of course, we can't lounge all day so Meadow is going to set up an obstacle course through the house too.

Carmella says she'll flip a biscuit to determine who's in charge of clean-up following our shenanigans. I bet I lose! Those girls love watching me be all domestic. :-)

Have a ruffy day; hopefully momma will be a little more sane by tomorrow night!


  1. Have a fun day puppy! Even though I don't normally like dogs, you are a pretty cute one. Thanks for keeping us updated :)

  2. Just remember to comb the room for shed hair before you go back to your crate. Shed hair is ALWAYS a dead giveaway to any well planned puppy rumpus. Enjoy your day of Animal Planet vegging out.

  3. Sounds like you have it all planned out! Hope you have a fun day!

  4. Hey puppy.... Now don't you go messing up the house while mommy is gone!!!!!!

  5. Beckett is adorable! I wanted to let you know, I went looking for new bloggy friends today to share an award with, and I picked you. It's on my page. You have a great blog, and I love to read about fellow dog mommies!

  6. soooo cute! beckett, i hope to see you posting more on your mom's blog.


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