March 03, 2009

I'm the "Calendar Queen"

I have an long list of "job functions", but one of the biggest things is running our training calendar. Essentially, I take the list of customers that want training - match it with our group of 21 trainers and determine where our trainers go each week. It sounds easy, but both our customers and staff are scattered across the country. Take into account travel time, expertise level of each trainer, personality types (Seriously!!! You don't want to send a fast talking NY trainer to a laid-back So.Cal facility... it's just asking for trouble!), vacation schedules and the like...and it's an adventure EVERY day.

I've been doing this for quite some time, so most of the time it runs like a well oiled machine. However... lately, I've gotten some really demanding customers who ONLY will work with certain trainers & trainers who decide they don't like certain cities and would "prefer" not to go there. I'm sorry kids - but if you live in Los Angeles, it doesn't make sense to send you to Washington DC to do training. It's just not time and cost efficient... even if it is a good way to get the company to pay for you to see your grown children/sorority sister/long lost cousin every so often!

There's a method to my madness, and I'm willing to listen to reason. But, DARN IT, if you don't quit whining... I'm gonna send you to do training in a bowling alley on the MEXICAN border!!! (Seriously, the training session had to happen anyway & the customer held the session in a bowling alley!! But an un-named trainer made me grumpy, so he got sent.)

Ok, off to polish my tiara. :-) Thanks for listening to my little rant!

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