March 05, 2009

Random Gifts

Yesterday, after my deep thoughts, I was feeling a bit down. It might sound a bit odd... but sending random little gifts to friends makes me feel good. It was just the pick-up I needed last night.

I ditched work at 7 (early for me!) and picked two friends to bestow little trinkets upon. Ellie and Dee are the lucky recipients this time around. They've been good to me and deserve a little something to make them smile.

I wandered around The Paper Store (which I LOVE... almost as much as my second home - Barnes & Noble) finding cute cards, post-its and Godiva chocolate then meandered next door to the packie (or liquor store for those of you not from New England) and bought them each a bottle of wine.

The packages got shipped out this morning; and I wish I could be there to see Ellie and Dee's faces when they arrive. Dee has never been the recipient of my random gifts before, but Ellie and I share a history of FedEx shipments. You see, her hubby and JC have been buddies since AIT. Whenever JC needed something it was MUCH easier to send it to Ellie than to JC's barracks. Since the boys left on their field trip, Ellie and I have been going through FedEx withdrawal. :-)

It was a good time to send Ellie a package anyway. Right after the guys left I got her a t-shirt that reads "Army Wife - Celibate for your freedom". A wise woman told me that the best things you can do for a military wife are:
1. Hug her
2. Make her laugh
3. Get her drunk

Unfortunately, she's a bit too far away to hug right now... but I'm hoping the wine and goofy t-shirt accomplish the other two!

Just remember... be nice to me, and you could be the next giftee. :-)

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