March 13, 2009

You win some; you lose some...

And today, I WON!!!!! JC is still home on leave (I thank God every day that he's safe!), and today was gambling day. :-)

Despite the fact that it was supposed to be a bonding day for JC and Dad - they deemed me and my frilly pink girlyness cool enough for them. That - and I have both an awesome SUV & and a tendency to drive like a bat out of hell. (P.S. Knock on wood - NEVER gotten a ticket!!)

We went to Foxwoods and took a divide and conquer approach to the casino. JC and dad went towards the poker tables, while I stayed safely ensconced in the slot machines. Things were going great - I won $100 bucks!! Then a chain smoking idiot (sorry, to those of you that smoke... but I'm asthmatic, and REALLY don't like people blowing smoke in my face) sat next to me, and my lucky streak broke.

I was a good girl, and put myself on a gambling budget. In order to stretch out the fun; once the above lucky streak was over - I went for a walk around the entire casino complex. What?! It counts as exercise for the day...right???? A quick drink, then back to the gambling floor. We found each other a little while ago, I won another $50(!), and headed home.

Today was a good day... :-) Maybe this means I can treat myself to a mani/pedi this weekend!

P.S. Thanks to all of you that visited me from SITS!! I love new visitors, and promise to come visit you in return.


  1. What fun - you were lucky today :) I have never gambled in my life, but I always thought slot machines sounded like fun. I hope I win a $100 whenever I do!

  2. Glad you won some in the end!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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