March 18, 2009

I'm a Knit-Wit

You might have read my earlier post about being an insomniac. One of the many things I do whilst NOT sleeping is knitting. Somehow, I got in my head that all the trainers that I randomly send across the country need scarves. I send these poor ladies everywhere from Maine to Miami; Anchorage to Alabama. They are known for displaying their displeasure of flying into cities with large snowdrifts.

So... I've knitted 22 scarves since January 1st. HOLY CRAP!! My trainers will be descending on the office on Monday for their yearly training updates, and hopefully will enjoy the small hand made tokens of my appreciation. :-)

Now that I've finished knit, pearl, cabling scarves for them, I need a new project. Anybody need a scarf, baby blanket, hat, mittens, sweater?! Hahaha.

Happy Wednesday Gang! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JC!! :-)


  1. My mom and sister like to knit, but I have never tried. I have always enjoyed sewing though so maybe I should try knitting. You should post pics on your blog of your creations - I bet they are beautiful :)

  2. I have a friend who loves to knit... what a gift!

    I saw your dachshund and couldn't resist visiting your site!

  3. Back in my single days I'd stay up way past 3 am knitting. Seriously. I would tell myself "OK after I get done with this row I'll go to bed." An hour later it was "One more row!!" :P

  4. Oooh! How fun. Seeing as how it's going to snow here again this weekend, I'm up for being a mitten model for you :)

  5. How creative!! I've never tried knitting but I think it is so neat to have a hobby you can wear!! I bet it makes gift-giving very cheap... but time consuming.

  6. LOL, if you get bored you could always make something and then do a giveaway!


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