March 23, 2009

Scarves...And Bath Time

As I mentioned last week, my crew of trainers is descending on the office this week. Well, they have arrived and I'm already certain that I'm not going to get anything accomplished this week! It's a good thing they are cute. Hahaha!

I bestowed upon them the gift of scarves this morning. As much as I'm sure they liked the handiwork - it was mighty cold today, and most of them are from warm climates. They were thrilled to see something to keep them warm!! Below are a few pics that I took this morning. Please forgive Beckett's muzzle in the lower right corner. What can I say...he's nosy. :-)

The highlight of the weekend was bathtime for the dogs. They are so small that it's easy for me to groom them myself. :-) My poor drowned doxies!! Hahaha!

My soggy little Meadow!

Beckett, realizing it's easier to just let me shampoo him and get it over with. :-)

Smiling for the camera; I survived Momma's bath time!


  1. those are beautiful scarves!

    one of the best things about having small dogs is the ease in which you can bathe them. I usually just stick mine in the shower with me, and then hand the out to the husband to dry while I finish up my shower. easy peasy!

  2. Too cute! My doxie Reeses loves getting a bath. She refuses to swim at the dog beach though! We just bought a Golden Retriever puppy and we will be bringing her home on April 11th. I can't wait. I am sure she will love the water.

  3. Those are so pretty! Handmade gifts are the best. Thanks for sharing pictures :)


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